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1800 Bank Street, Ottawa. Tel: 236 335 4877


Trybe Spaces

Trybe spaces is the  Foremost Events Center in Ottawa.
We host a broad spectrum of events.

Trybe spaces is a space Rental & Management Business Present in major cities of canada.. 




Our spaces are able to cater for your party needs including weddings, graduations, Birthdays and so on.


We have spaces to handle your next conference, business meetings or Trade shows.

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You can reach out to us to schedule a tour of our Spaces and discuss your particular  needs.

TRYBE SPACES.. Your go to place for your Events & Programmes.

Social opportunities, networking prospects, and general human interaction in place of the isolation of working strictly from home: The space-as-a-service model unburdens balance sheets and creates workforce flexibility.


Welcome to Trybe Spaces, Your
'Space Center'

TRYBE is a collective media platform that bring together all public subscribers, content developers, writers, media producers, readers and consumers from various diaspora to interface more efficiently.

We intent to solve challenges and make life discoveries with our audience, find inspiration, celebrate success, sensitize, organize and empower our audience, readers and writers by networking every part into an effortless and meaningful fit than it was before the creation of the Trybe platform.

We provide our customers the ideal environment to host their guests to an unforgettable event.

Your Foremost Events Center in Ottawa.

We have hosted a broad spectrum of events ranging from:
Religious, Business meetings, and corporate trainings, Dance groups, Tutorial classes, weddings, graduation parties, Birthday parties, independence day celebrations, minority cultural and traditional get together, end of year get together

Quality and Prolific Event Management Services

Trybe connects desperate media creators and curators with consumers of that media.

We are a solution with multiple choice, we build, customize and carve out unique trends to deliver on specific need of each consumer.

We want to be your major plug and centerpoint when it comes to driving your everyday personal and business needs.